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Ray Kellison Sponsorship for 2016
Congratulations go out to Lauren Bowman on recieving the Ray Kellison Sponsorship for 2016.
Ray Kellison Scholarship for 2015
Completed applications for the 2014 award must be turned in by September 15th, 2015 and the winner (1) will be announced on October 15, 2015. Please go to forms/downloads to view the requirements and to obtain the applciation.  Best of Luck!
Ray Kellison Scholarship Awarded for 2014
Congratulations to Lizzy Marrero for winning the 2014 Ray Kellison Scholarship. 
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows:
We are a family fraternity dedicated to making the world a better place through fraternal friendship, charitable love and the pursuit of truth in all of our dealings. We believe that through true fraternity we can ....Build a Better World.
We believe that we have important obligations to promote:
Good will among people, states, and nations under the guide of a Supreme Being as the catalyst for friendship, love, truth, faith, hope, charity and universal justice for all. These are the basic guides, which will create peace and harmony among all peoples, kindred and tongues. It is only through serving others that we truly embrace and understand the principles of Odd Fellowship.
Meetings are closed to the public and are for members only. However, once a month we hold a social event open to the public. This information can be found in our "NG News/Events" section.
1501 Hemphill Street
Fort Worth, TX 76104
1st and 3rd Thursday nights
7:00 PM - 8:00PM

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